I won the Westford Cultural Council's logo design contest in summer 2019.
I designed their current logo in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. 
In 2019, the Westford Cultural Council was looking for a new logo to use on their website, social media, and other promotional materials. They were looking for a visually pleasing, clear design to stand for their organization. Without a given color palette or specific subject matter for the logo, I decided to get creative.
As a current resident of Westford and alumni of Westford Academy, I decided to pull from Westford Academy's school colors and hone in on the concept of "home." I reflected on my high school days; the exponential growth I experienced as a student at WA, daughter to my parents, and friend to my peers. The amount of love I gave and received was limitless. 
Before diving in, I considered some constraints I should factor into my design. It should look good black and white, and within a circle or square frame if being used as a profile picture. I wanted to make sure it would be eye-catching, so I opted for a simpler design without too many complex elements.
After a bit of sketching, considering iconic elements of my town and my own personal experiences living here, I created a simple yet effective logo of a tree with heart-shaped leaves. I used WA's school colors for the design, maroon and grey.
An image of Westford Cultural Council's finalized logo design. A somewhat abstract tree design, where the tree trunk is comprised of two grey lines, and the leaves are a series of maroon hearts formed into leaves, giving the overall impression of a tree shape. The words "Westford Cultural Council," are written below the tree on the right hand side, in maroon text.
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