words need not be said
thoughts need not be shared
such is love built off of inherent understanding
such is love marveling in its own sweet music
music comprised
of laughter
and cheers
it mustnt be interrupted by trivial words
signifying nothing

surely this must be why the room was endless
and white
this must be why time ceased to exist
why lips stayed shut
dared not utter a word
the loudest music echos from the most silent thoughts
thoughts which seemingly paint the walls of the room
a multitude of radiant colors
yet the room remains endless
and white

the distance between us is immense
as we sit inches away from each other
there are sparks frantically flying
as we simply sit there
first in my dream
in your room
we melt away in those silent thoughts
as we fill the air with blank words
and empty noises
as we melt
we paint
i paint your thoughts
and you paint mine
we paint music
we paint life

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