Here is the final product
...and here is the story behind it:

During the summer of 2019, the owners of Magic Touch Cleaners and Tailors in Nashua, NH gave me the wonderful opportunity to redesign their website. 
I used Boldgrid, a WordPress website builder, to build the website. Before this project, I had no experience working with Boldgrid. I spent some time playing around with it to figure it out, and picked it up quickly.
Before I began working on the website, each page had the same header and menu bar taking up the top third of the screen. Each page had a text header right below the menu bar (the name of the page), a photo below the text, and a block of text under the photo (not visible in the screenshot below). Here is what the homepage looked like:
An image of Magic Touch's previous website. There is a grey, subdued, patterned banner at the top with the text "Magic Touch Cleaners & Tailors" centered over it in grey and blue text. Underneath it, is a plain, solid, blue navigation bar directing the user to different pages on the site. Below that, is the word "Home" on top of an image of recently cleaned clothing, hanging from a rack in the store. The home page is over a light blue background.
When I began planning, I thought it would be a good idea to create some stylistic elements for the "Magic Touch" brand, make the website look more professional and consistent, and make it more welcoming and interactive for the user. I wanted to strengthen the aesthetic of the website by giving it some personality. 
I also wanted to focus on accessibility, making it very easy for the user to click on a map to navigate to the store, or contact the store with any inquiries they might have. 
I proposed my ideas to the owners of Magic Touch to ask for their feedback and guidance, and they decided to  give me creative liberty for this project. I decided to use a human centered approach to design this website.
After asking them some more specific questions and doing a bit of research on other local dry cleaning businesses in the area, I decided to gather all my information, resources, and constraints together and formulate a plan.
The plan, proposal, and style guide I created can be found here.
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