During a month-long internship with SWHaus, a Chicago-based digital marketing startup, I got the opportunity to conceptualize a mascot for one of their clients. 
My team and I were collaborating on building a brand identity for Honest Abe Media. The time frame was a bit short, but l was able to practice building a brand identity, liaising with clients, and implementing AGILE methodologies to effectively collaborate on the project.
When presented the task of designing a mascot for this company, I had no idea where to start. The client was looking for a character that is "honest, and modern," so I used these basic keywords to begin storyboarding a concept. 
I came up with some sketches based on the brand's current logo, a potential logo that my team was working on, and I provided a new logo concept consistent with the potential mascot design. I made a few sketches consistent with the current graphics that were on their site as well, in case they did not want to stray too far from their current style of graphics/color palette. 
My goal was to create as many ideas as I could, consistent with the themes of the client's brand. This way, it would be convenient for them to pick what direction they would like to take with the project. Below, you can find some concepts, sketches, and notes I made in the process.
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